Governors and Advisors

Senior International Governor

His Eminence Prof. Dr. Sir Madhu Krishan

His Eminence Prof. Dr. Madhu Krishan is an Engineer, Scientist and Global Diplomat who is the Founder and Chairman of the Academy of Universal Global Peace- AUGP which is registered with the United Nations. AUGP is affiliated with DMPP Albania, United Nations, United Nations Global Compact & European Commission and World Peace Organization. He is also the President and Rector of United Nations University For Global Peace. Dr.Madhu is the Honorary Chairman & Goodwill Ambassador of Diplomatic Mission Peace And Prosperity – Albania; Ambassador of The Kingdom of Bunyoro – Kitara (ARKBK) – Uganda; Ambassador of International Blue Cross – United Kingdom; Ambassador of World Parliament of Peace & Security. He has won several awards, such as,  Bharath Excellence Award and Gold Medal; 2006, Rashtriva Jewel Award and Gold Medal 2006 & the first ever Indian to get ” USA President’s Life Time Achievement Award” For 30 years of dedicated services in more than 77 countries. Earlier he received the best scientist award from USA.

International Governors

             Prof. Dr. Sir Lakshman Madurasinghe

Prof. Dr Lakshman Madurasinghe is a Lawyer, Behavioural Scientist, Educationist, Strategist and Author of four books including Clinical Psychology, Buddhism & Christianity. He is an Academic Board Member of EDU Brussels accredited to European Parliament and the Chancellor of the United Nations University For Global Peace and Senior International Governor of AUGP.

He is an Ambassador at Large in United Refugee Green Council and a Consultant on socioeconomic development to Vassili Group in Cyprus, EU. He is the Chairman of the  Eco-tourism Development project, Chairman infrastructural funding and Vice Chairman of Way to Comfort NGO. He is a life member of the Cambridge University Society of Cambridge University, England, and its former Treasurer in Sri Lanka: World Jurists Association, USA: International Council of Psychologists, USA and Institute of Counselling, Glasgow.



                  Prof. Dr. Sir GD Singh

Prof.Dr.Sir G D Singh is Chair of the Confederation of International Accreditation Commission- CIAC, Global Board, serving as President of CIAC- Global since Dec 2009. GD is the Founder & Managing Director of Unified Brainz Group Holdings Inc. Prior to his entrepreneurial venture with UBGHI, a dynamic personality infused with entrepreneurial spirit GD has been actively playing role in leading the Top Management & board of advisory as a Management Consultant to Leading Companies in India & Abroad; His far-sighted vision and keen business acumen provide the necessary leadership and impetus to the group activities. He is the President of the World Peace and Diplomacy Organisation-WPDO  registered with the United Nations.



 Dr. Anoma Weeraratne Wijenayake

Dr Anoma Weeraratne Wijenayake is a philanthropist, humanitarian, social worker, peace ambassador and counsellor. Who hails from a family dedicated to social services and humanitarian projects for decades. She has been serving communities islandwide. A mentor to thousands of women, she has counselled, guided and motivated depressed, destitute women to be productive responsible citizens. She has carried out many women’s empowerment & rehabilitation camps for deprived women with various addictions who come from broken families & lived shattered lives. Dr Anoma is the Co-Chairperson of -Sanasumata Maga (Way To Comfort) NGO Vice Chairperson – WCM International Ministry Chairperson – WCM women’s empowerment ministry International Director for women’s empowerment – Academy Of Universal Global Peace – USA, Registered with United Nations Governor- United Nations Global Development Organization – USA, Registered with United Nations Governor- Sustainable Development Goals Youth Network of Sri Lanka & women’s forum Director- Hebron Eco University Peace Ambassador- World Peace And Diplomacy Organization



Dr. Weerappulige Nissanka

Dr. Nissanka is the founder & chairman of Way To Comfort Ministries and “Sanasumata Maga”(Way To Comfort ) NGO. He has been serving the global community bringing peace, harmony & unity amongst different ethnic and religious groups for the past 45 years. Dr. Nissanka has been carrying out rehabilitation, socioeconomic, spiritual, mental well-being and charity activities since 1972 island wide. Multitudes of people have been blessed through his ministry. International Director of Spiritual Counseling- Academy Of Universal Global Peace – USA, Registered with United Nations International Advisor – United Nations Global Development Organization – USA, Registered with United Nations Senator – Hebron Eco University.


Dr. Samuel Thevabalasingham

Dr.Samuel Thevabalasingham is a senior Christian Leader, the Chairman of Every Home Crusade and the President of Hebron Eco University. He leads his great team of dedicated faithful workers by example, a huge diversified non-denominational incorporated National Organization, that has served in Sri Lanka for over 40 unbroken years, despite the torment and terrors of a civil war. “Every Home Crusade” was established to actively engage in the systematic distribution of gospel tracts worldwide. As he reiterated, “It is our desire that every man and woman, every boy and girl, should know the Truth that is revealed in the Holy Bible”-


HH Prof. Dr. Sir. Romesh Jayasinghe

Prof. Dr.Sir Romesh Jayasinghe is a Psychologist and the President of the Institute of Mental Health SL. He is the Executive Director and Peace Mediator at International Special Court of Arbitration and Human Rights IGC. He is also the Vice President and Ambassador at Large Extraordinary for South Asia and High Commissioner for Social Economy and Mental Health Science, Sri Lanka at International Commission of Diplomatic Relations Human Rights and Peace


Mrs. Charmaine Eheliyagoda Madurasinghe

Mrs. Charmaine Eheliyagoda Madurasinghe is an Attorney-at-Law of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka  and a Notary Public. She is a Life Member of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka. She is also a Life Member of Colombo Law Society and a Member of the Executive Committee of Women Lawyers Association. Charmaine served two terms ( 2006-2009 and 2012-2015) as a Commission Member of the National Police Commission of Sri Lanka.She is an Advisor of  Sanasumata Maga (Way To Comfort) NGO in Sri Lanka and a Senate Member of the United Nations University For Global Peace.

Charmaine is a multi-talented, results-oriented, senior professional with excellent language skills and wide experience in planning, strategy, administration and people management, and for seven years she served as the Manager Legal HR and Administration at Sumanagiri Lanka Ltd-owning company of Cocoon Resorts in Induruwa, Kosgoda & Nuwera Eliya. She is a past pupil of St Bridget’s Convent, Colombo, and the Vice President of the Past Pupil’s Association ( 2015/16). She is also a Graduate of the International Institute of Theological Studies, USA. which is affiliated to the Middle East and South Asia Graduate School of Theology, a faculty of Hebron Eco University.