About Us


United Nation Global Development Organization (UNGDO) is a new initiative undertaken by several visionary leaders engaged in the value-centric development and education of young leaders to equip them for challenges of the twenty-first century. While a predominant focus is developing academic excellence, we will help in the development of leadership skills, institutional capabilities and build resilience in order to sustain development results.

The purpose main purpose of this non-profit organization is to cater towards socioeconomic and infrastructural development, spiritual and mental wellness, relief for destitute and disaster victims and rehabilitation, regardless of religion, race, gender, culture and ethnic diversity. We work as the overseas wing of one of the largest NGOs in Sri Lanka, Way to Comfort NGO, which has been in operation for over 45 years.

We are Incorporated in the USA, Registered with United Nations DESA and affiliated to Academy of Universal Global Peace USA -AUGP Certified & Accredited By UK and Registered Under Federal Government, USA, & is also Registered under UNITED NATIONS “ DESA”, & UNITED NATIONS Global Compact, UNITED NATIONS ACADEMIC IMPACT and EUROPEAN COMMISSION.

We are affiliated to AUGP USA and also function as the development partner of UN University for Global Peace USA